November 12th – Air travel.

I used to be a complainer about airlines and airplanes. I have rarely flown first class. The seats where I sit are not comfortable. The food is terrible. I have to take off my shoes and have someone look at me naked.

But then I remembered that flying is awesome. You are travelling over 500 miles per hour while being served food and drinks. Are you kidding me? That is amazing. 120 years ago, planes did not really exist. How long would it take to get from Seattle to London?

I tried a couple of different methods. The first in New Zealand and the second in Brazil.

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Your health is your wealth.

I took a quick trip to San Francisco to see my brother who was in a recent skateboarding accident. He suffered a severe head trauma that required surgery. They removed a part of his skull to relieve the pressure from the swelling. He is nearly out of ICU and looks like he will survive. We are all thrilled about that. I heard today that he is eating solid food. That is a big improvement from when I saw him heavily sedated with a breathing tube down his throat.I was able to drag my mother out of the hospital room for short periods of time. She is staying near the Castro District, so we found lots of fun things to take pictures with.