Smells like low tide.

Ballard LocksThis is low tide at one of my favorite places. Just a few minutes from the ever popular Hiram M. Chittenden locks in Ballard is a tiny little beach that some berry pickers, bud light drinkers, and myself know about. The fish swim by in large numbers, but the people have their noses pressed to the windows at the fish ladder at the locks. Today, I saw some huge Chinook Salmon and it got me pumped for the future. Mostly my fishing future. When I first moved to Seattle and lived on a  boat in Ballard, I would walk down to this beach with Lando and let him run around off leash. He loved it when the geese were visiting.

Still Thankful.

Maybe it is all the time in the hospitals, maybe it is our awesome new dog, maybe it is because it has been almost a year since I broke my neck, but I am feeling very lucky/thankful/grateful lately. It is a good feeling. It is good to have when the stress of school is starting to build. Sticking with the Star Wars theme, we named our Pointer Obi Wan.

The newest family member.

The newest family member.

The weather in Seattle has been insanely nice. Sorry everyone on the East Coast.

Seattle weather.

Another day on the water.

So if anyone thinks that they are having a bad day, go and volunteer at a hospital. Or maybe an animal shelter. Life is good.

Chums on Veteran’s Day.

My grandfather told me stories about growing up in England while bombs were falling. They would hide in doorways hoping not to be blown up. My father went to military school. I have no such affiliation. My friends have be in the armed forces. I have nothing against the choices that people have made.

I have been spending time at the local VA. What I have seen are not heroes, but victims of war. There are no heroes in war. Is a hero someone that kills more people than the next person? Or is the hero the person that cleans up your excrement because you can’t control your bodily function because of the war? My heroes are people that stand up to speak out against all wars.

I haven’t felt like my freedoms have ever been threatened. I am not scared of an invading army. I don’t own a gun. I try to mind my own business and just enjoy my life. Today, I caught a Chum Salmon and thought of my grandfather. He valued education. He also loved shooting guns. If I had to categorize him, he would fit into the box labeled, “Republican”. I let my fish go. Live and let live.Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 4.23.46 PM Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 4.23.17 PM