Orvis Float Plane Trip.



Fish were caught, smiles were prevalent, and I made a movie. I had never been in a float plane before and the last time we got into a plane, we jumped out. What an amazing trip.

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Fishing week!

Fishing 5 days a week is fantastic. Especially when it is 5 different environments. This is Kopachuck at low tide fishing for sea run cutthroat trout. That little speck in the water is my buddy James. He took my canoe over to that island in the distance and allegedly caught a big one on his first cast.Screen shot 2013-06-07 at 10.17.13 AM I also got to float the Snoqualmie with Derek and Skip. It was a great day of discussing what is important in life.Screen shot 2013-06-07 at 10.17.21 AM Derek let loose a little secret about the “Upper Deck”. Not the kind where you poop in the reservoir of a toilet. But this place was a beautiful place to fish with nobody around.Screen shot 2013-06-07 at 10.17.48 AM I even got a little bit of steelheading in with a couple of guys from the shop.Screen shot 2013-06-07 at 10.17.31 AM Screen shot 2013-06-07 at 10.17.00 AM5 of 5 will be after work today. It is light until past 9pm these days so us fishing junkies can still scratch the itch after work. We are also putting together an online magazine that will be released soon!

At the beach.

The beach is a lot different here than it is in Hawai’i. Here, we have real tides. Here, the sand isn’t quite as fine. Here, people aren’t laying around in bikinis every day of the year. Here, however, we have salmon and trout. Dan and I took the ferry from Edmonds to Kingston in search of either salmon or trout.

I’m on a boat.

We saw a couple fo fish jump, but fishing close tot he high tide is tough. There isn’t much room for a backcast and the neighbors wonder what you are doing. They are protective of their clam digging beaches. We saw a lof of signs telling everyone that they were on private property and you aren’t allowed to take their clams. It doesn’t sound like much fun hunting things that can’t run away very quickly.

There are lots of little beach houses that are very close to the water. I am guessing that they belong to the much larger houses up the hill from the water.

My latest dream house.

The thrones.

Just another day in the life.

Fly fishing with local celebrities.

No big ones, yet.

I went out fishing the beaches with local legend, Leland Miyawaki. He is the fishing manager for the Orvis store. He fishes 7 days a week. Steelhead, sea run cutthroats, trout, pinks, you name it, not only does he catch them, he probably ties the flies that are most commonly used. I felt pretty special that I could go SRC (sea run cutthroat trout) fishing with him. I have never seen an SRC. I have gone out with other people, gone out by myself, hit the incoming and outgoing tides, done everything that I was supposed to. Sometimes, they just aren’t there. They weren’t there. I felt like I should have caught one just for getting on a ferry at 6am.

This week I floated the Yakima with 2011 Orvis Endorsed Guide of the Year, Derek Young. Man that is a mouthful. It is easy a book a trip on his website. There is a calendar that shows what days he is free and you do everything online. We had a great time catching cutthroat and rainbow trout. The sun was shining, sun burn mildly¬†occurred,¬†and I caught fish like I used to in Colorado. I have been warned that there are less fish per mile here and the fish that are here are smaller than what I am used to. We picked up a dozen or so small (under 10″) trout throughout the day. The best part, they were almost all caught on dries.

The pink salmon are expected soon. I hit Golden Gardens looking for SRCs and pinks yesterday, but saw nothing. I also walked the edge of Green Lake looking for carp, trout, anything. I didn’t see any fish and never tied a fly one. Something that I need to get used to is driving far to get any fishing in. Heading over the pass towards Yakima looked a lot like Colorado. There is wadeable water and small mountain streams. I look forward to the adventures up there!

I did get a 24″ish trout at a stocked pond at Trophy Lakes in Port Orchard. We taught the Orvis 201 class and when everyone lieft we had a few casts of our own. The guys were throwing sculpzillas on 2x. I went CO style and used 6x witha size 20 damsel larva. I was nearly taken into my backing. It felt good.