We drove to Twisp for Thanksgiving/Steelheading. Mostly for the fishing. The first stop is George’s Bakery in North Bend.

Along the way, the weather was wet, but not too bad. In fact this helicopter had no problem moving logs around the interstate.

The first night, we stayed at the Twisp River Inn. It is right on the Twisp River which is currently closed to fishing.

They make breakfast with potatoes from the root cellar, eggs from the chickens in the backyard, and cheese from the goat farm next door.

Thanksgiving day, we drove to Carlton and fished a few very fishy looking runs.

That night, we stayed at a friends house. Everyone seems to have horses and dogs. There were as many dogs as people at Thanksgiving. The cats probably felt a bit like the natives during the original Thanksgiving.

The next day we fished a few more fishy looking runs. Walking speed water, deep enough to hold fish, but not too deep so the fly can’t get down there.

We didn’t catch anything, but neither did anyone else I talked to. The hunt continues. Maybe I am being optimistic, but when I have to bonk a hatchery fish, I am going to make a Gyotaku print of it.

Amanda’s Birthday

For Amanda’s birthday we went to Whidbey Island. The fish were big enough to swallow a person. (But only a small person.)The beavers were procrastinators.The views were the same, no matter where you sat.There was a lot to see outside. Including shells.Oystercatchers.And dragonflies.We ended up at the Inn at Langley. There was nothing finer all around us.Happy birthday!


We put the big ol’ tent to some good use. We drove out to the Methow River and stayed in Twisp. With less than 1,000 residents and two rivers that converge in town, it seemed like a great place to set up camp. This car camping stuff is pretty sweet. The food was much better than what I am used to.

We found lots of new friends, but the colorful ones were the best!

The river was amazing and I was able to pull out some fish from the Riverbend RV Park on Labor Day!

Cinderella at Snoqualmie Falls Theater

We scored some tickets to see “Cinderella” at an outdoor theater that is a five minute walk from a river loaded with fish. There are lots of eager Steelhead smolt. They don’t know how doomed they are because we were fishing near the base of a waterfall. A big waterfall that the fish can’t get past.So we fished for a few minutes before walking down the nice trail to the stage. It is set up beautifully, and we both really enjoyed the show.

Touchet River, Washington

One of the things I like about fly fishing is the places that it can take you and the people that you meet. It is very rarely actually about catching fish. While in Walla Walla, the Walla² Fly Fishing Club gave us some great advice on where to have a great time fishing. It was a beautiful sunny day and we rolled into a tiny town full of anticipation. Deer walked along the creek beside us. Fish were eagerly attacking bugs on the surface. Did I mention that it was sunny? The actually call this the “dry side” of the state.