November 2nd – My Brother’s Recovery.

It has been one year since my brother nearly died. I feel a bit like most people in my family have nearly died. Today’s thankful post is for the fact that my brother is alive. One year ago.The big sign that says, “NO BONE FLAP ON RIGHT SIDE” is true. They removed part of his skull for more than half a year. And yet, he is still alive. Rumor has it that is “normal”
again. For that I am thankful. The good old days.This is Max before his accident.

“Thank you” doesn’t express the feelings for everyone that has helped out my family in the last year. People opening their homes to let us stay with them and be close to the hospital, organizations that run on volunteers to help with paper work, accommodations, and moral support, doctors, nurses, and the whole medical team that took time to explain as much as we could understand. Thank you all.

Your health is your wealth.

I took a quick trip to San Francisco to see my brother who was in a recent skateboarding accident. He suffered a severe head trauma that required surgery. They removed a part of his skull to relieve the pressure from the swelling. He is nearly out of ICU and looks like he will survive. We are all thrilled about that. I heard today that he is eating solid food. That is a big improvement from when I saw him heavily sedated with a breathing tube down his throat.I was able to drag my mother out of the hospital room for short periods of time. She is staying near the Castro District, so we found lots of fun things to take pictures with.