Licton Springs

I think that many people try to find awesome things far away from home. Think of all of the exotic destinations that you daydream about. There are probably many things/places close to home that are incredible. There is allegedly a natural spring within walking distance from our house. It is called Licton Springs. From Seattle Parks and Recreation:

Licton Springs was once a healing center for Native Americans, who constructed sweat lodges and bathed in the mineral waters of the springs. After pioneer David Denny built a cabin near the springs in 1870, hundreds of settlers drove for miles to immerse themselves in the spring water and in the mud.

Licton springs sign Licton springs boardwalk licton springs panorama dog at licton springsThere was certainly a lot of water flowing through the park. Unfortunately, it was from one culvert to another. It looked like a sewer pipe dumping water into a park and collecting it at the other side. To add insult to injury there were plenty of homeless looking people passed out or drinking in groups at some of the nicest looking spots. I am not saying that they shouldn’t enjoy it, on the contrary, I hope it is healing to them, but I was afraid to walk through the whole park in the middle of the day. Even with my guard dog.