At the beach.

The beach is a lot different here than it is in Hawai’i. Here, we have real tides. Here, the sand isn’t quite as fine. Here, people aren’t laying around in bikinis every day of the year. Here, however, we have salmon and trout. Dan and I took the ferry from Edmonds to Kingston in search of either salmon or trout.

I’m on a boat.

We saw a couple fo fish jump, but fishing close tot he high tide is tough. There isn’t much room for a backcast and the neighbors wonder what you are doing. They are protective of their clam digging beaches. We saw a lof of signs telling everyone that they were on private property and you aren’t allowed to take their clams. It doesn’t sound like much fun hunting things that can’t run away very quickly.

There are lots of little beach houses that are very close to the water. I am guessing that they belong to the much larger houses up the hill from the water.

My latest dream house.

The thrones.

Just another day in the life.


Coho fishing.

The Coho Salmon are supposed to be showing up soon. Uncle Leland showed me his secret spot. The tides don’t wait until you have had 8 hours of beauty sleep.

Out at Point No Point, the boats were catching King Salmon. It looked like a lot of fun, if you are into that sort of thing.



The light house at Point No Point.


The best stop of the day was for breakfast at The Point Casino.