Movies to watch.

Having a schedule that allowed me to be home at night kind of freaked me out. I didn’t know what to do so I turned to the internet for advice. Getting up a few hours before the sun rises kind of wore me out. So there was lots of sitting on the couch watching movies. Because truth is better than fiction, I found a couple of awesome movies that I want to share. The first one is Temple Grandin. What an amazing woman. When I make it back to Colorado, I might need to look her up just to tell her what an inspiration she is.

The other movie that I really liked was “I Love You Phillip Morris”. It reminded me a bit of “Catch Me If You Can”.

Ok, that is all for this week. Back to the real world, fishing, waiting tables, and jumping through hoops to get into nursing school.

Being a CNA

In my everyday life, I don’t realize how much love and compassion exists in this world. Going to a nursing home or rehabilitation facility can show you a lot about people. CNAs are under paid and under appreciated. They spend the most amount of time with the residents and know about their everyday lives. The LPNs that I saw waited in the hallways and rarely entered the rooms of the residents. The CNA would rotate the residents, feed the residents, and monitor their health. There was only one resident that had their family show up every day.

CNA class

Eventually, we finished the required hours of real world experience and received a certificate. Now, I can go and get a job. Well, another job. I will spare you all of the details and what happened while we were working.


As one of the requirements for nursing school, I must become a Certified Nursing Assistant. So I paid my $600 to a company so that they will get me the state required number of class hours before I can go and actually assist a nurse. I feel like the guys that do road construction. I work for 10 minutes and then wait 50 to make sure that I have the correct number of hours logged. The big guy in the class falls asleep for 50 minutes and nobody seems to mind. I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to take this class in another language and that proves true by the Eritreans that are not doing well. English is not their first language and the class if very difficult for them. cna-certification1The bread that the Eritreans bring is delicious. They are some of the friendliest people that I have met. We have learned a few skills so far. Washing our hands is very important. I can wash your feet, provide nail care, turn you over in bed, make a bed with you in it, brush your dentures, and give you a bath while you are in bed. Coming up this week will be perineal care. That is the one everyone dreads. To learn about HIV and AIDS, we get to watch Philadelphia. I hope that clinicals will provide some good stories. Stay tuned!eritrea