Christmas 2012

This was my kind of day. Despite the rumors of snow, sideways rain, and lots of wind, we rove up to Black Lake and had a banner day. It was a touch cold, but we survived. We loaded the canoe and headed East.Catch 'em on the fly.It was snowing on us, but we didn’t see anyone else and we caught lots of fish.Amanda fishWhen Lando couldn’t stop shivering, we headed in.IMG_2377Once we were home, we all celebrated.IMG_2382Lando thought it was well worth it.The dog!

Boats, blood, and brains.

Only one week of school left. The most exciting things that have happened are a small amount of fishing, donating blood, and dissecting a sheep’s brain.

This is Black Lake at the Hancock Forest area. I call it my country club. Even on these rare occasion when I don’t have any fish pictures because I didn’t bring any to the boat, it is still a good day. The weather was amazing, we saw an elk mother and baby. The baby must have been born in the last couple of days aas it could barely walk. We watched a bald eagle fishing along with us.

I donated blood the last time that I could. I am still squeamish about watching a needle pierce my skin. I know that I need to get over it if I am going to be a nurse. Maybe it is a self preservation thing. Next time I am forcing myself to watch. No more turning away!

This is Erik, my Anatomy and Physiology partner. We were looking at the fun parts of the brain. Being a community college, we had to use the brain of a sheep. Although with all of the uproar about a naked guy eating a man’s face, there was plenty of ¬†good zombie jokes.