Birds: 4, Rory: 0

Hike 18/52. Took the guys out on another steep and empty hike. Obi did flush one bird that flew down 1000 feet in elevation to the trees. I did not want to hike down to tree line and back up. He did his job, I did not.

IMG_3657.jpgIMG_3660.jpgThere were still blueberries (this was taken in late September).IMG_3665.jpgIMG_3662.jpgThe views were incredible and the pictures never do it justice.IMG_3667.jpg


Arctic Valley.

There is a ski area that is only open on the weekends. It is run by volunteers. It is on the right side of this valley. One the left is an old Nike missile site. We were not allowed to go that direction. The helicopters circling overhead made sure we didn’t even consider it.

We hiked up the middle of the valley and skied back down. The snow wasn’t great, but it was our first time backcountry skiing in Alaska. Most importantly, the dogs seemed to have a good time.IMG_0002IMG_0023IMG_9997