November 9th – Free Time.

Never wonder what to do with your free time. I promise I will never waste a day wondering what to do because I have nothing to do. Laziness is to be appreciated. I am quite envious of people that I see only working or only going to school. The combo of both is very taxing.


Climbing in Vietnam.


Diving off a boat in Waikiki.


Spring boarding in Colorado.

So please, if you have any free time, appreciate it or better yet, go outside.

>Why do we do this?


Thanks to Krysta at Scarred For Life. I like the way this looks. Now I just need a few more sessions to finish one side of my body. Then I can start work on the other side. I also got a sleeping bag this morning. With camping on the horizon, I am having trouble not buying a ton of equipment all at one time. Luckily, the tent that I want is out of stock at the store. While camping in Chile, I learned the importance of having good camping gear. I was caught in the rain and snow with non water proof and non weatherproof gear more than once. Never again. Especially with New Zealand’s unpredictable weather.
With indoor soccer finished for the season, I now have more time to work, fish, hike, camp, swim, bike, and run. Or post boring blogs…