With Friends Like This

When friends come to visit, I like to take them to do things. Like see dead whales.20171029_135446.jpgOr go up hills.IMG_3862.jpgCarve pumpkins.IMG_3867.jpgMake them look at tall things.20171103_144738.jpgMake them look at pretty things.IMG_3915.jpgMake them go up more hills.IMG_3914.jpgMake them take selfies with me.20171102_152319.jpgMake them like it here.IMG_3916.jpgI showed them some glaciers and told them that the water was cold.20171101_165656.jpgI guess that some people need to figure things out for themselves.20171101_165751.jpg

>Boulder Peak

>Last weekend was the Boulder Peak Olympic distance triathlon.
Swim: 25 minutes
Bike: 1:18:22
Run 43:17

My bike still needs lots of work and I feel like it always will. The most exciting thing was that I hit a fox going about 35 mph down the back side of Olde Stage Rd. He jumped out right in front of me and I clipped his back end. My front wheel wobbled and I screamed as I wondered which side of my body was going to get the worst road rash. Things worked out and I didn’t crash. I looked back and saw the fox lope across the road. Looks like we both made it! I was probably a bit more cautious after that than I would have liked to be.
Nearly at T2 three guys were riding side by side and a car was trying to pull out perpendicular to them. I passed them as the car nearly took us all out. One of the guys crashed into my rear wheel. We both stayed upright and almost doesn’t count.
So a couple of close calls and I was happy to be out on the run. I ran hard and passed more people than passed me. My run kept me just under 7 minutes per mile and I am very happy with that. Today I rode my bike and I look forward to the 70.3 next month!

>1st triathlon of the season.

>After a week of injury and a week of illness, I am happy with my results from yesterday’s Summer Open sprint triathlon.
I swam a 10:53 750 meter swim. I love wetsuits. I never got on anybody’s feet. That was frustrating. I had a few strokes behind somebody, but then they would start breaststroking. Being out in no man’s land feels inefficient.
After a quick (:52) T1, I was onto the bike. There were a ton of Triads and even one Triad SL. My 12.4 mile bike was completed in 32:32 for an average speed of 22.9 mph. For me that is pretty good, but compared to the rest of the field, it sucks. We are going to work on the bike for the upcoming season.
T2 (:41) went well and I took off quickly on the heels of some guy hauling ass for the first half mile. Realizing that pace was unsustainable, I settled into my own rhythm and tried to pick people off. The run felt good and I was happy with a 19:58 (6:27 pace) 5k.

I ended up 3rd in my age group out of 33 and 28th of the 353 total.
I am still not feeling 100% and it was difficult to pick up the pace at some points in the race. I had a blast none the less and got to play with the dogs in the lake after the race. Time for a busy day off now.

>Splish and Sudan.


I won my first Twitter contest!

Check out Splish.com so you can have cool suits like I have. My favorite is the “I must be butter… cause I’m on a roll”. It has accompanying pictures of butter and a roll. While at the pool I was talking to a woman that I was sharing a lane with. She mentioned that triathlon season is starting soon. I feel that the season is well under way. She travels for work (I didn’t ask what she does) but was recently in Sudan (non work related) to help monitor the elections. I think that Boulder people would go out and do that. It sounded a bit self righteous, but maybe she can really help the Sudanese do whatever it is that they are trying to do. Even Jimmy Carter was there making sure that democracy was spread properly. Unfortunately, it sounds like most Sudanese feel that the election was rigged and the winner was predetermined.

>What a day.


Looks like this is turning into a fishing blog. I woke up exhausted this morning. I moped around not wanting to do anything. I was going to go for a run, but took a nap instead. Poor me with too much time on my hands. I finally decided to leave the house, but only to go fishing. The grocery list can wait. As can the exercising. I headed up Boulder Canyon to see what it was like. I have never fished up very far as it looks pretty steep and too fast for the fish. The few good areas were all taken by people fishing. I thought that it being pretty cold (50 degrees), cloudy, and a Friday afternoon, people would have better things to do. I finally found a place that looked decent and pulled over. The water was fast, but I spotted a couple of small fish and pulled one out. That really made me happy. It is exhilarating fishing a new area and landing a fish. I tied on new leader and tippet, so all my knots held (ok it was a 7 inch fish). The hole was small and I spooked the rest when I caught the first, so I moved on up the canyon. I was close to Nederland and it was getting colder. The creek flattened out and I had to keep the dogs from running upstream while trying to spot the easily spooked fish. I was staying back and peering to where I thought that they should be. Finally I saw one and made a couple of casts to him. He went for it, but I missed it. I thought that he moved up a bit so I snuck up and made another cast. Wham! A fish came out of nowhere and hammered my fly. I was startled long enough to wait until she ate it before setting the hook. When I landed her, I was surprised how big she was!
So it turned out to be a good trip. Then I mustered the courage to go and get my run done. I ran to the track to throw down some 400s, but it was full of kids. (I was at their high school.) I ran around for a bit until they were all gone and got my track splits faster than I thought I could. That also felt good. Then we ate a lot and I finished today’s swim session. I feel so accomplished for a day that started off very slowly.
A couple of days ago we hit up the Big Thompson for some fishing. It was our first time there, but we landed a few fish. Mojdeh got her first Brown Trout as well as her first fish on a fly that she tied herself. I also have been teaching Lando about fishing.
Today, I also won my first Twitter contest. Thanks to Splish for hooking me up! They asked for someone to take a picture of themselves in their Splish suit at a historical national monument. Apparently Chautauqua Park is one so I threw on a Splish suit and drove there, Moj took a pic, and I sent it to them. Now I can expect a prize in the mail! Time to put the dogs to bed.

>USAT Hall of Fame!

>Last weekend, in the middle of the Denver Golf Expo, we were invited to the Hall of Fame dinner for USA Triathlon. Thanks, Rudy Project. It was impressive to see the original race directors and athletes like Barb Lindquist and Pauly Newby-Fraser. I was surprised by the amount of religious rhetoric at the dinner (by the speakers) and I was surprised that the athletes weren’t competing for themselves. They claimed to be doing it for God, because that is what He wants them to do. That seems like a good way to get out of feeling selfish. Too many families suffer when you have to train 40 hours a week. Either way, I felt very lucky to be there. It isn’t too often that we get to have dinner at a place as fancy as the Broadmoor Hotel.

We have been swimming twice a week at the YMCA. They finally approved out financial assistance so we can afford to work out there. There is a masters class that they call something else. Tonight I was the only person to show up. I swam about 3,000 yards (meters?) tonight with the main set being 20X50’s. The first 5 on 1 minute, the middle 10 on 50 seconds, and the last 5 on 1 a minute. It was hard, but made the laps pass by quickly.
I have also been watching the Endurance Films while riding my bike. It is a fun, sweaty, hour long workout that is always entertaining when it is snowing outside. Friday, we have our first lesson with Sit Means Sit dog training. They came to our house to show us a free demonstration and it was very impressive. We spent a few days with them previously and they have been wonderful. They even have payment plans! I will try to post updates as we progress.


Just found out that the YMCA offers a masters class that is called something else. We went last night and it was great. Just over 2k kicked my butt. Between the breathing every 3, 5, or 7 strokes and the head up swimming, it felt close to water boarding. If I had any information, I would have easily given it up. Now we just wait to hear back from our financial assistance application to see how much we have to pay when we join. I will be buying a new Splish suit now that they are super cheap! Splish.com