Smells like low tide.

Ballard LocksThis is low tide at one of my favorite places. Just a few minutes from the ever popular Hiram M. Chittenden locks in Ballard is a tiny little beach that some berry pickers, bud light drinkers, and myself know about. The fish swim by in large numbers, but the people have their noses pressed to the windows at the fish ladder at the locks. Today, I saw some huge Chinook Salmon and it got me pumped for the future. Mostly my fishing future. When I first moved to Seattle and lived on a  boat in Ballard, I would walk down to this beach with Lando and let him run around off leash. He loved it when the geese were visiting.

Still Thankful.

Maybe it is all the time in the hospitals, maybe it is our awesome new dog, maybe it is because it has been almost a year since I broke my neck, but I am feeling very lucky/thankful/grateful lately. It is a good feeling. It is good to have when the stress of school is starting to build. Sticking with the Star Wars theme, we named our Pointer Obi Wan.

The newest family member.

The newest family member.

The weather in Seattle has been insanely nice. Sorry everyone on the East Coast.

Seattle weather.

Another day on the water.

So if anyone thinks that they are having a bad day, go and volunteer at a hospital. Or maybe an animal shelter. Life is good.

That small creek.

If you aren’t following my Instagram, you are missing out on the #waterfallselfie barrage that is occurring. Find me @roryseiter.Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 9.33.15 AMThis tributary to the Stillaguamish has had fantastic fishing this summer. The flows are starting to finally drop so much that I will avoid this area for a while. There is small stream fishing and there is fishing that is detrimental to the fish.Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 9.32.52 AMInstead, I am taking my friends on bushwhacking adventures and occasionally hook into some small fish.Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 9.32.29 AMThe places that fly fishing takes us is well worth it. Sometimes it is sketchy, sometimes it is uncomfortable, most of the time it is just absolutely beautiful. Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 9.32.45 AM

Bertha in Seattle.

Boston had its “Big Dig”. Cost were overrun by 190% and it took 15 years to complete. It included a 3.5 mile tunnel. Here in Seattle, we are digging a small 1.9 mile tunnel. We have purchased the world’s largest boring (bore means making a hole) machine. It has a name (Bertha) and its own Twitter account. Here is her official website. I am a huge fan of this engineering feat. I am not a fan of the tunnel itself. I think that it is a waste of money and resources. I would rather see the money spent on buses, rail, and bike infrastructure.

When this project is complete, I may never drive on the completed road as it will be tolled and I try my hardest not to pay tolls. I would rather have the gas tax increased to pay for roads.

We started digging this summer and we are 5 months into construction. Unfortunately, we are now 3 months behind schedule. Something has been blocking the world’s largest tunneling machine and the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) couldn’t figure out what it was. Turns out, it was a metal pipe that WSDOT left in the ground in 2002.

This might be a long project.