>LA Triathlon.


I was able to race the Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Triathlon presented by Herbalife. I should rephrase that. I participated in the race this weekend. Checking the results, I was not too disappointed. The only thing that I have to blame is my lack of fitness. My guess is that it might be a direct result of the lack of training. I did swim with Courtenay a couple of weeks ago, but apparently that didn’t carry over to this race. I felt like my arms weren’t pulling me through the water, but were just going through the motions. There was a little swell and plenty of people had some difficulty. I hate when people complain about conditions in the ocean. If you are scared, don’t enter a race in the ocean. Know what you are signing up for. There were plenty of lifeguards and I never felt like it was too dangerous. I was able to catch a couple of waves in at the end of the swim so that must have saved me about 4 seconds.
The bike wasn’t as exciting as I thought that it would be. I love racing in cities where everything is shut down. There were lots of volunteers, cops everywhere, and the plenty of people wondering what was going on when they woke up Sunday morning. We rode through Korea Town and ended near the Staples Center. My legs felt constantly tired and I am hoping that it was uphill most of the way. After all, we were heading away from the ocean. It looked pretty flat however.

The run was great. Except for one big hill. Up was bad, down was scary. I loved the run though. I never felt like I had any “pep” out there. I felt very flat the whole day. Like I was just going through the motions. I liked the run course because we got to run past a Disney building that I saw in the movie “The Soloist”. It was also fun because it was pretty close to an out and back and we did two loops. I like out and back courses. There is something that makes me happy when I know that I am on my way back. After the first half, everything seems easier, no matter what the distance is. I was glad that I got to do the race. We left LA a couple of days later and now I am sitting in the Honolulu airport. When I publish this, I plan on being on my lanai looking over the warm part of the Pacific thinking about how hectic this next week will be and how happy I am that I am not racing. I look forward to a full week with a few thousand friends.

>Kirland and last WA races.


We are now in Los Angeles. The only thing nice that I have to say about it… well we are leaving in 3 days. I can’t wait to a) get out of here b) go to Hawai’i. We drove for 3 days straight to get here, have been busting our butt at work and tomorrow I get to race the LA Tri.

This is from the sprint in Kirkland a couple of weeks ago. I was laughing with my new friend Cody. He used to be stationed on O’ahu so we got to talk about Hawai’i while racing. I think that it made me faster, but he still beat me. I like talking to people while racing. Sometimes they like it too.

The following week, I ran a half marathon. Here is the only (bad) picture that they took of me. I think that every race should have plenty of photographers and a coffee truck. I don’t drink coffee, but they make a killing at every race where they show up.

>Race excitement.


The antibiotics have begun and none to soon. I signed up for SOMA today. I can’t wait. The best part is that I will have some good training in Kona while we are there in October. It will be a wonderful time to swim, bike, and run my heart out. The folks at Red Rock Company put on some really fun events. Check out their PBR Urban Dirt Tri. It looks like a lot of fun as well.
I am still waiting for my passport to arrive before taking off to Canada. I made cookies today and Moj is making some sort of banana meringue pie. That probably isn’t conducive to fast race times, but I think that it is well worth it. I guess I could take up aqua jogging like Courtenay…

>Going back to Cali.


I love road trips. I guess that is my life. Leaving Colorado was sad, but exciting. I can really see myself living there in the future. We drove North to Wyoming, turned left on I-80 and haven’t looked back. Wyoming was pretty and boring. Utah was the same. The mountains were very nice before we arrived in Salt Lake City. I would like to visit there in the winter. It has been pretty uneventful since then. We arrived in Reno and checked in to the Atlantis Casino. I am not a fan of casinos, but Reno sucks and we didn’t want to walk around the town. This place was within our budget and added some excitement to our road trip. Lots of people smoking cigarettes, drinking, and the constant clang clang clang of slot machines. It’s like I can see the life draining out of these people. Suck in the nicotine, wash it down with a beer, and throw more money away. Time to move one. I will admit, we put $20 on black at the Roulette table. We lost. Now we drive to California.
[update] After 3 days of driving, we made it to California. Vineman was hot. Looked like a fun race. A tree fell on a couple of triathletes while they were on the bike. Bad luck. Joe Gambles broke the course record which was exciting. The guys running Vineman are cool people. I got to hang out with Conrad Stotlz for a bit at the Avia booth. Turns out Avia doesn’t hate us. After the race, we drove towards the coast. We had dinner in Guerneville. We were a couple of the few straight people there. Looking for a place to stay, a lot fo the places were “gay friendly, nudity allowed”. Not that I am opposed to either one, but after a long day of work all I want to do is relax. We drove to the coast and we are loving it!

>Last weekend in Boulder.

>It has been a couple of weeks in one place. I am not sure if I am ready for the “normal” life. Sometimes the idea of having a place to live seems really nice. But the idea a car payment, rent/mortgage, insurance, and repetition are still further away in the future. I think it is the repetition that scares me the most. Although I think that my training would be much better if I had a “normal” job.
We are heading out West in a couple of days. We won’t be back in CO until November. So it was time to get some deeply discounted gear for the winter.

I am ready.
The transition area at the race.

This weekend’s race was the Boulder Peak olympic distance triathlon. It is a popular race in the U.S. It was cool to see Craig Alexander wandering around enthusiastically cheering on the people racing.

My banana bread.

I was also able to use the bread maker at the house where we are staying. It has been fun. Theresa is awesome. Craig shops at the bread discount store. I didn’t know that it existed either until we went today.
One last thing. If you like fishing, check out the monster Brown Trout picture that I just put on Fishy Steve’s website! Insane. www.FishySteve.com



Rudy Garcia-Tolson.
Wow. Leaving Yosemite, our next event was Wildflower. What a great, crazy, busy, fun few days. I got to see Terenzo Bozzone, Chris Lieto, “One Arm” Willie Stewart, Andy Potts, Luke Bell, Rudy Garcia-Tolson, Sarah Reinertsen, and many more heroes race.

Me and Luke Bell.

Mojdeh cheering on Terenzo Bozzone.

We are back in Buellton where we are having transmission trouble again. Tomorrow, they might tell us what is wrong. Then we are going to Tempe, Arizona for a week.

>Going to the beach.


Tricia finished the Boston Marathon in 3:32! Awesome. I am trying to get serious about my half IM training. We bought new running shoes today. I got the Saucony Progrid Ride.  
I have worn the Mizuno Wave Riders forever, so this will be new. The bikes we have don’t quite fit us. I am riding a medium triathlon bike which is a little too small for me or a large road bike which is a bit too big. 
I am hoping to receive a bike that is in between, but if not, I will have to get on my old bike for training and racing.