>Longest sprint ever.

>This weekend was the first of three triathlons in the Boulder Tri Series. This was the first year that Ironman bought the races and there were quite a few complaints heard. At packet pickup, there were two lines snaking through the expo. Nobody told you which line to get into first and most people waited over an hour to pick up their race number and free goodies. The t-shirt was less than impressive so people weren’t happy about the free things they received. It looks like most other race shirts, I could care less. It was pretty nice going to an expo and not working it although it made me realize how much I love the athletic industry.
Race day came around and I was excited to test myself. After my last sprint triathlon where I averaged 6:27 per mile and the Bolder boulder 10k where I ran 6:24 per mile, I was ready to see where my fitness was now.
Mark is a great coach and having him show his support at these races has been great. It must be tough not being able to race, but he is still so enthusiastic about his athletes.
My swim went well and I was top 10 out of the water for my age group. I had the 55th fastest swim time out of 1600. Out on the bike everything was going to plan for the first mile. Then my front tube exploded. Not a slow leak, but a big bang and then it was flat. I pulled over (swearing loudly) and tried to use my pit stop to plug the leak. Foam was spilling out of my tire and I knew I was screwed. I was determined not to quit. I started walking the bike course thinking of CAF athletes and Rutger Beke. About 3 miles into it an official on a motorcycle informed me that the bike course was almost 18 miles long. I turned around and walked back to transition. After 6 miles of walking barefoot on the road I was close to limping as I hit T2. I ran a 20:37 5k making my pace being 6:39.
I was disappointed with the whole day. After resting today however (and not catching any fish) I am eager to get back to training and kick butt at the Olympic distance race next month.

>1st triathlon of the season.

>After a week of injury and a week of illness, I am happy with my results from yesterday’s Summer Open sprint triathlon.
I swam a 10:53 750 meter swim. I love wetsuits. I never got on anybody’s feet. That was frustrating. I had a few strokes behind somebody, but then they would start breaststroking. Being out in no man’s land feels inefficient.
After a quick (:52) T1, I was onto the bike. There were a ton of Triads and even one Triad SL. My 12.4 mile bike was completed in 32:32 for an average speed of 22.9 mph. For me that is pretty good, but compared to the rest of the field, it sucks. We are going to work on the bike for the upcoming season.
T2 (:41) went well and I took off quickly on the heels of some guy hauling ass for the first half mile. Realizing that pace was unsustainable, I settled into my own rhythm and tried to pick people off. The run felt good and I was happy with a 19:58 (6:27 pace) 5k.

I ended up 3rd in my age group out of 33 and 28th of the 353 total.
I am still not feeling 100% and it was difficult to pick up the pace at some points in the race. I had a blast none the less and got to play with the dogs in the lake after the race. Time for a busy day off now.

>High flows, high peaks, low productivity.


This is not a good thing to see. It is the flows for Boulder Creek. It has turned into Boulder River. The water is the color of chocolate milk. I can’t see the fish. Who knows what is going on below the surface. It is giving me lots of time to tie more flies and read fishing blogs. Of course there is a bit of work, getting Ben a cool new race suit, and CTT stuff always to be done.
I love colorado.
Coach Mark and I got a short hike up to Brainard Lake yesterday. It is an amazing place to camp, hike, hang out, and hopefully fish this summer. It was still snowy and the lake was frozen, but we saw very few people and were able to wear the dogs out.
They like the mountains.

>First hike of the season.


I was thrilled to be outside.
What a view!
Coach Mark and I went for a hike starting at Moffatt Tunnel. The tunnel is an impressive 10 km long through the Rockies. It really amazes me that it was completed before 1930. We were able to bring the dogs and thoroughly wear everyone else. We made it above the tree line for lunch and hustled back before the summertime like thunderstorms rolled in.
They eat better than I do sometimes.

Then I started making food for the dogs. Turkey, rice, broccoli, and carrots in this batch. They seem to love it. Now it is cold and rainy and the runoff is making the water fast and murky. I knew the fishing would be on hold, but I love getting my tri training done outside. Looks like today will be a treadmill run. I will also be racing the Summer Open sprint triathlon in about a month. I am excited to get racing again this season. It has been wonderful having a coach. I don’t have to think about anything except doing my workouts. Now it’s time to run and swim!

>IM ’09.

>About 9 at night as we were walking to get something to eat people were sitting at Lava Java writing emails, posting blogs, updating friends and family, all as participants were still running the marathon. So this post is probably a bit late. A bunch of us volunteered for water patrol and were in town at 5 am. The athletes were already nervous, pacing, eating, and getting body marked. We paddled out into the calm before the storm and waited for the mayhem to begin.

Macca stopped by.

Macca wanted to see how I was doing. I told him just to relax and have a good race. I was worried about mechanical failures as you never know what can happen out on the Queen K!

Check out the wake!
He swam off quickly, but I think that Erica was smitten. We tried to keep the swimmers on course, but they didn’t like listening. Only a few people didn’t make the swim cutoff and the day was already emotionally charged right from the beginning.
Our view. 
After the swim we were able to go home, eat, shower, and return to the middle of it all. We sat in the heat for a while and waited for the pros to come by. It looked to be a good race with most of the major players coming in around the same time.
Chris Lieto coming in first.

Then we saw everyone take off running. After about 10 miles, they come back to the same place. It was great to watch the race unfold.

Andreas leading Craig up Palani.
Faris in his typical outfit.
Chrissie is the absolute queen of this sport. Not only is she an amazing athlete, but on of the friendliest women I have ever met. Always with a smile on her face. She gritted her teeth at the bottom of this hill, but all the way to the top people were going crazy screaming her name and cheering for her. She feeds off the energy and smiles all day long. She is fantastic.
Andy Potts.
I was impressed with Jon Flanagan and Andy Potts in the water. They blew everyone away. Next year, Marky V will have a huge gap on all of them.

You want impressive? Try coming close to setting a new record. Do it by being a woman beating all of the men. That is impressive to me. Here is Erica cheering on some FAST athletes!

Still enthusiastic!

We went to the press conference to hear what the pros had to say about the day. Everyone showed up but Macca while we were there. They all agreed that it was hot! We went and cheered in all of the athletes until the midnight cutoff arrived. Chrissie was there to congratulate the participants. She has great sportsmanship. We went home to crash. This morning, I feel like I raced. My body feels beat up. I am exhausted. This watching stuff is hard!

>Kona. Again.

>What a great last few days. (Get ready for plenty of links for non-tri people.) So much has happened. Lifesport and Blue created a lounge for people to hang out in during the week.

Here is Moj with the new Triad SL.

Blue showed off some bikes and allowed us to demo them. My buddy Nguyen flew in from O’ahu to hang out and help volunteer in the water with us. He owns Momentum Multisport. We demoed a couple of Cervelos today. I got on the new P4. It felt very skinny. It didn’t climb as well as my Triad. It was nice, but I wouldn’t spend the money on it. While riding we met a pro from Spain. Over the last few days, I have hung out with Marky V, met Amanda and Michael Lovato (cool people), yelled at Mitch Thrower, saw Macca giving interviews, Chrissie signing autographs, all kinds of cool things. We hung out a the K-Swiss booth for a while as well as the Avia booth.

Maarten van der Weijden picking the winners.

We got to attend a party at the BlueSeventy house organized by Slowtwitch. It was cool to put faces to names. There was a raffle where lots of people won prizes. Maarten van der Weijden was the Olympic gold medal winner in Beijing for the swimming 10km. He picked the names of the winners. He is huge.

Chrissie touching herself while giggling at me.
Rudy Garcia-Tolson.
If you don’t know who Rudy is, check him out here. Luke Bell was also wandering around so I snagged a picture with him. I like his Zoot suits every year.
Luke and some guy.
We have been hanging out with Erica while in Kona. We went snorkeling at Kahalu’u. Tomorrow, is race day. I am excited to see Terenzo, Macca, Lieto, Crowie, Rudy, Ian Charles, Nick Kaiser. Everyone! Going to bed now. We are getting up early for water patrol. Sunday is Ben’s race. What a great weekend.

>Last weekend in Boulder.

>It has been a couple of weeks in one place. I am not sure if I am ready for the “normal” life. Sometimes the idea of having a place to live seems really nice. But the idea a car payment, rent/mortgage, insurance, and repetition are still further away in the future. I think it is the repetition that scares me the most. Although I think that my training would be much better if I had a “normal” job.
We are heading out West in a couple of days. We won’t be back in CO until November. So it was time to get some deeply discounted gear for the winter.

I am ready.
The transition area at the race.

This weekend’s race was the Boulder Peak olympic distance triathlon. It is a popular race in the U.S. It was cool to see Craig Alexander wandering around enthusiastically cheering on the people racing.

My banana bread.

I was also able to use the bread maker at the house where we are staying. It has been fun. Theresa is awesome. Craig shops at the bread discount store. I didn’t know that it existed either until we went today.
One last thing. If you like fishing, check out the monster Brown Trout picture that I just put on Fishy Steve’s website! Insane. www.FishySteve.com