>Schoolyard Cross.



>Boulder Marathon.

>Putting on a marathon is no easy task. A lot of people really came together to make it all possible. I worked for what feels like 4 days straight. It was the night before the race that was the most brutal. Building the finish line at 2 am so that we could put out mile markers at 4 am. I had to make sure that all of the aid stations were fully stocked by the time that the runners got there. I hate being on the course when the race begins, but it was necessary this year. I have a lot of changes that I want to implement for the Spring Half Marathon that we will put on in March. Most of the changes will make my life easier, but the runners probably won’t notice.
I drove a lot of different vehicles over the weekend. We had cargo vans, pickup trucks, 17′ trucks, and 26′ trucks. U-Haul execs must be bored. They put fun facts on the side of every big truck, but they also play the U-Haul version of “Where’s Waldo?” All the big 26′ trucks with the pictures have a hidden U-Haul guy somewhere in the picture. Here are a couple that I found.

>Car/bike update.

>My bike is back from the shop just looking at me. I had X-Rays on my wrist, back, ankle, and elbow and nothing appears broken. Although, my physical therapist would like a second opinion so we are going to take care of that tomorrow. I am going to the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine and so far I have had a great experience with them. Until I am better there is a lot of wishing I was racing cyclocross, eating, planning a marathon, watching Heroes, and eating some more. Although the good news is that it is fueling the fire to compete again!

>It can always be worse.

>We went to Boulder Cycle Sport‘s cyclocross training Wednesday and it was a great time. We practiced mounting and dismounting and a bit of jumping over barriers. It was the first time that I had ridden my brand new Blue Norcross EX and I loved it. The second time I rode my new bike, I went to a meeting for the newly rescheduled Boulder Marathon. I was on my way home when I was hit by a car. I was in the bike lane, clipped in, helmet on, and a guy failed to yield during a left hand turn. That means he drove into my side. He stopped to see if I was ok. The police came and gave him a court date. I sprained my wrist and ankle. Contusions on my back and elbow and some whiplash. I am glad that I have health insurance and he has car insurance.
I took my bike to the bike shop and I am waiting to see what they say is wrong with it. Until then, I will be recovering and waiting to feel better. Things can always be worse…

>Fourmile Fire.

>Last night we gave HEED, Clif Shot Bloks, and other stuff to the fire department near our house. We don’t train (off season, laziness, call it what you will) and they sure could use it about now. This Fourmile Fire is as close as any fire has ever been to my house. It is still far enough away that we are able to go outside and play soccer.
It is amazing to me that when the reverse 911 didn’t work, the first responders decided to drive up the canyon to knock on people’s doors to let them know that they needed to evacuate. That is brave. People are luck y that nobody has been injured or killed. There were reports that people were sitting in their homes waiting for a reverse 911 call to evacuate. What happened to looking out the window, seeing fire, and leaving? Are we that dependent on being told what to do? The Humane Society is going and rescuing animals. It makes me want to volunteer.
People are going to lose things in this fire. I cannot imagine what I would do if my house burned down, but it is only stuff. At least the people are alright.
The fire isn’t threatening Boulder town yet. I am also lucky that I am not missing a lot of training as I am lazy. I got a new cyclocross bike this week. Pedals should arrive soon. Then I start a new sport this winter.

>Fish fanatic.

>Yesterday I pulled a half dozen small trout out of Boulder Creek. I filmed some of it with my new iPhone 4.

Then after work, I work tried a mouse pattern that Moj had tied in March. It worked. I successfully caught a fish after midnight with a mouse pattern. It wasn’t the 20″ Brown Trout that I was hoping for, but the fact that it worked simply thrills me.