Local celebrity.

Yesterday, Ron Baird came into the Orvis shop where I work. Of course he was looking for someone else, but it was still cool to meet him. I figure if we were to stick around, I would have a chance to meet John Gierach eventually as well, but I will have to start looking for Washington authors soon.

>Feels like Spring!


My life is great. Yesterday we hit up Brainard Lake to test out our new snowshoes. We loved it! We will definitely take them whenever we go somewhere with snow. Then today I was able to fish Boulder Creek. Most of the fish I caught were rising. Small BWOs were great! I even got this 10 incher on a Royal Wullfish pattern I tied last year.

>More worms for vermicomposting!


I just ordered 500 Super Red Worms when I found out this morning that the worms in my bin didn’t survive the single digit temperatures over the last week. I am sad for the little guys that have been eating all my compost, but stoked to be getting more. a lot of moisture is produced and I am sure that the castings (poop) are in the water that drains out. Being winter though, I just throw it on the ground and hope the grass grows there in the spring!

>Where has January gone?

>Still messing with Photoshop. I feel like I can keep playing on it forever and never learn it all. We swam for the first time in a bout a month. 400 warm up, 200 skips (swim, kick, IM, pull, swim 200 each), then a push up ladder (25 swim 10 pushups, 50 swim, 8 pushups, etc.) 200 non free, 200 cool down. That made me feel out of shape!
My fly box is getting set up for Bali:

The weather has been freezing and we have been able to let the dogs out on the water: