Feels like summer.

Normally, summer starts in August and lasts until September. But man, this has been one great way to start May.

Shorts on the river?! Yes please.Screen shot 2013-05-12 at 9.51.33 AM

Lettuce and parsley already ready!Screen shot 2013-05-12 at 9.51.56 AM

Fishing from the beach with the Miyawaki Beach Popper.Screen shot 2013-05-12 at 9.52.47 AM

Screen shot 2013-05-12 at 9.53.02 AM

Short sleeve cycling jerseys.Screen shot 2013-05-12 at 9.53.16 AMGoslings get going at Green Lake.Screen shot 2013-05-12 at 9.52.15 AMBoat Parades at “The Cut” near UW.

Screen shot 2013-05-12 at 9.51.45 AMWe try to just spend a lot of time outside. There are lots of lakes and mountains that make the views quite nice.
Screen shot 2013-05-12 at 9.52.06 AM


Rattlesnake Lake

Jason and I hit Rattlesnake Lake on a beautiful morning to see if the new carping pole would work. This summer, it is on! Poling around mud flats while sweating and being eaten by mosquitos sounds fantastic right about now.

Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 10.12.41 AMThere are many trees that used to grow tall until we needed more water. The trees were cut down and a dam was installed. The stumps are still visible.

Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 10.12.56 AMThere are lots of hiking trails around the lake, so the parking lot fills up fast. There were not many people on the water though.

Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 10.13.08 AMThe lake was recently featured in new local hit maker Macklemore’s latest video:

Maybe Macklemore is Jason!

Dutch Harbor Airport

Dutch Harbor. Wow. Every small fishing town in Alaska is different from the next and mind blowing in an unconventional way. I am sitting in the airport waiting for the weather to clear so that I can take a 20 minute flight on the Grumman Goose to Akutan. Or else I wait for a boat to come and get me so we can take the 5 hour trip there.

It feel like I am in a miniature big city. There are people from all ethnicities here. Next to me are the Vietnamese (?) kids who apparently learned how to speak and dress from BET. Urban slang with a Vietnamese accent. Across from us are the Mexicans with the typical “No mames guey” every other sentence. It’s like being back in the restaurant industry. Special high five fist bump and all. The people working for the airline are all Filipino.

I am here wearing a flannel, rocking a patchy beard, wearing an Orvis hat and reading the Monkey Wrench Gang. Not that anyone is taking notes but me.

People are glued to the TV catching up on the sports highlight that they have missed due to their time at sea. Of course I am staring at my own screen occasionally looking up to see the Bering Sea whipping up whitecaps. It is making it difficult for the birds to fly and impossible for any trees to grow. The fact that there is a thriving multibillion dollar business based out of Unalaska is truly amazing.

There are lots of statistics about how dangerous life is for a fisherman. 0.1% of miners die working and 0.2% of fisherman die out here. But there is no other food source that we still primarily hunt. Fishing techniques have changed, but the basics are still the same. In fact, people prefer to eat wild fish. We don’t hunt cows, chickens, or pigs the way that we still hunt for fish. We do farm fish, but many people hate that!


I have been spending short amounts of time in the village of Akutan. There is not much here. There are the 89 residents and the few thousand immigrants that work at the fish processing plant.

There is a cemetery in the middle of the village.

There are a few rules at the plant.

There is also a lot of shipping in and out of the area.

Other than that, there is not a whole lot going on. Nothing like the big city of Dutch Harbor!

Dinner at Chinooks.


We went to dinner at Chinooks tonight. It was a small adventure as it was the first time we took the canoe to dinner.

First we had to untie the boat.

Then we paddled out of our marina.

Then we passed all of the big boats.

We arrived at the dock.

Dinner was delicious.

After dinner the ducks came for our leftovers.

They were cute.

Back to the boat!

It was a great sunset.

Hard work.