Moose Nose Stew.

Yes. Moose nose stew. Why would you waste the nose? I am eating many things that I have never imagined before. I am not a fan of anything that comes from water, so I am so excited to be eating more land animals. Friends came by with caribou and moose meat. It is delicious. Caribou sausage in on the menu for dinner tonight. However, this story happened a couple of weeks ago. Someone came to work with moose nose stew. They offered to let me try it. If you eat something different and don’t post it online, did it really happen?

Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 4.14.29 PM.pngSqueeze your earlobe. It was a little softer than that. And chewy. Marinated in moose snot was the description that I was told after I ate it. 5/10 I would eat it again. Would you try it?

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