The beginning.

52 hikes in one year. I could have waited until January 1. Or maybe the start of a new month. But why wait for anything? There are so many hiking opportunities, I really don’t want to waste any free time. We have been hiking quite a bit and exploring our local parks, but I want to keep track of which hikes I have done. Here is where I will do that. This hike to Ship Lake might get done this summer.


A lot of people in Alaska spend their winter planning their summer adventures. We were out skiing, fishing, and skijoring, so we are a little late in the game as far as planning things. There are lots of ideas floating around however. A lot of my time is spent looking at things like this.

crowpassSo stay tuned for at least 52 adventures this year. There are some loose rules for what makes a hike. At least 3 miles. All off road. Well at least not paved. Runs totally count. Snacks should be eaten on the trail. Serious things like these must be considered for it to be a true hike.

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