Rudolph is delicious.

Reindeer are caribou that have been domesticated. I have been told stories of people separating a few caribou from the wild herd and starting their own reindeer herd. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work as the caribou sometimes come and steal their herd members back. Thus turning the reindeer back into caribou.

Reindeer is often available in grocery stores, restaurants, and meat stores. Indian Valley Meats is our local meat store. Maybe most rural areas have a place that will process your meat for you, but it is not something that I have experienced until moving to Alaska.

There are some laws about selling wild game. From ADF&G, “It is illegal to buy, sell or barter game meat. Unprocessed meat and other game parts may be transferred to others permanently (given as a gift) or may be transferred temporarily for the purpose of transport…  Any meat you plan to give away must be in the same or better condition as meat you would keep for yourself”.

Why get bacon in your breakfast bagel sandwich when you can get reindeer sausage

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 4.16.34 AM.png

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