Turnagain Arm.

We live pretty close to Turnagain Arm. The arm is a 40 mile long waterway that has some amazing views. Any time we are headed south, we hug the water and drive carefully as we look for beluga whales to the right and mountain goats to the left. Turnagain Arm has steep mountains on either side that are usually covered in snow.


Across the street from our house is Potter Marsh. In the winter it freezes completely and people go out ice skating on the marsh. When the water is moving, we see muskrats, lots of birds, and even salmon swimming. It is an incredible place to have so close to our house. Recently, the weather was in the single digits and the marsh froze. The place was packed with ice skating families. Then it snowed. That made it more difficult for ice skating, but we still were able to take the dogs out to run around.

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 5.59.23 PMI am blown away by how gorgeous this place is. Every damn day. Just beautiful. It also feels relatively empty. We go running on one of the more popular hiking trails and hardly ever see anyone during the week. Sometimes we go a little further down the road (maybe 5 miles) to hike in a new spot.

Here, we started from McHugh Creek trail. The views across Turnagain Arm were worth the stop in the snow. Obi flushed a Ruffed Grouse on this hike. That was the first one that we had seen here. There is always something new here. It is incredible.Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 6.00.00 PM.png

Eventually the snow melted, which we didn’t expect so late in the year, and we got to run in shorts again. It was Black Friday and everyone seemed to live the REI #OptOutside idea. I am all for it. We drove to the trailhead so we could spend more time running through the forest. It was the busiest we had ever seen it. There were about a dozen people out there.

Once again, we had to stop and take a picture. Sure, our run times slow down with snow, ice, mud, and picture taking, but it is definitely worth it!Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 6.00.24 PM

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