Graduated Nursing School.

Somehow, I have done it. Graduated from nursing school. Now I just have to keep studying. The next step is the NCLEX. So as good as it feels to have one more degree, I am not quite finished and able to enjoy my summer. I am using Kaplan to prepare for the test. Their in class portion was good, but it is still up to me to know the content. And shit is it hard to remember everything from the last couple of years that I was supposed to learn. I am feeling confident, but I am not where I want to be with my practice test scores.

Nursing school is all about getting at least about 80% or you fail out of the program. Now, I am supposed to be happy trying to get 60% of the questions right. So I sit studying almost every day, but at least I have our dogs to force me out of the house.

Obi Wan


2 thoughts on “Graduated Nursing School.

  1. Yay for graduating! Yay for the NCLEX! Okay maybe not…
    I’m taking mine tomorrow. I used Kaplan as well, but probably not as much as I should have. I also used NCLEX Mastery which is an app with like 1600 questions and great rationales. In my opinion it was worth the $30. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow whether or not it worked!
    Anyway, good luck–don’t study too hard!

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