Canada Trip – Day 6.

Day 6 we headed west along Vancouver Island back to Telegraph Cove. Every day, we had to break down our camp. We put everything that we could into dry bags (they aren’t cheap or spacious) and drag the boats to the water. If it is low tide, that can be quite a ways. It is a tedious procedure and not something that we looked forward to every morning.

Prepping for the paddle.

Prepping for the paddle.

We made it back to civilization and washed our hands. In a sink. With warm water and soap. Half of the reason I like being outside is so that I can appreciate the fancy things in life. Things like sinks. We had to carry our own fresh water. We each brought 3.75 gallons of fresh water in our boat. That was enough to drink, cook food, let the dog drink, and brush our teeth, but that is about it. It was nice to be back in the “real” world. We drove to Campbell River. That is my favorite spot to fish for salmon. This whole trip, I was dragging a herring fly behind my boat. Well, maybe not the whole time. Only when it wasn’t too dangerous, or I wasn’t watching whales with my mouth open. I was looking for Coho salmon as I have never caught that species, yet.

Campbell River always has a healthy run of Pink Salmon. That seemed to be my consolation prize.

2nd place trophy.

2nd place trophy.

Dat kype tho'.

Dat kype tho’.

My good friend has an awesome house in an fantastic location with an incredible family. This is part of his oasis. That is all I can say about that.

Little slice of Canadian heaven.

Little slice of Canadian heaven.

We really enjoyed Campbell River. It has a lot of fly fishing history and still has a huge fishing community. Everything seems to be better when fish are involved.


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