November 10th – Food.

Here is a recap of what the onslaught of posts have been about this month:

Thanksgiving is an interesting holiday. People celebrate it for many reasons. Being thankful is probably one of the better reasons. I don’t give thanks to a spiritual being. My thanks come from all of my real world experiences. I would like to try and focus on one memory or experience every day this month and highlight them here. I (and most people reading this) have many things to be thankful about. Life can almost always be worse. The healthcare world is a fierce reality of death and dying. Especially when you are at the bottom of the barrel like a nursing student seems to be sometimes.

So today’s post is about something very important to me. Food.

A cheeseburger is one of my favorite things to eat. Here is one from Tamarack Brewery in Missoula, Montana. Rock Creek, I love you.

Screen shot 2013-11-10 at 11.17.54 AM Raclette from Paris.Screen shot 2013-11-10 at 11.15.49 AMBreakfast in Napoli.
Screen shot 2013-11-10 at 11.17.02 AM

Pot muffins in Amsterdam.Screen shot 2013-11-10 at 11.16.38 AM

Crème brûlée because I can’t find anyone that makes it as perfect as my ex step..nevermind. Patricia, yours is still the best.
Screen shot 2013-11-10 at 11.16.02 AMThe good thing is that my enabler makes a spread like this for camping!

Screen shot 2013-11-11 at 7.37.27 PM

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