November 3rd – Winter Steelheading.

It might be surprising that I actually enjoy fishing for steelhead. I mean, I have never caught one. I have never seen anyone catch one. It is a very time consuming endeavor. I even started a website called No Fucking Beads that chronicles my trials. I know that fishing is on the back burner during school so this seriously decreases my odds of catching a steelhead.

The numbers of wild steelhead have been declining and the authorities are planting many hatchery raised steelhead to keep anglers happy. I am not sure if we should be encouraging this behavior. I consider my lack of catching a steelhead my honorary induction to the conservation society. Total number of members in this prestigious club: 1.

Big one

i will look like this holding a big fish one day.

Not yet

Lando enjoys fishing. He is not concerned with catching.

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