Vertical aquaponic wall garden.

I am damn near finished. There are always small details to fix, but the major stuff is finished. I built a shelf for the fish tank, made a light, and put it all together. The light was my first time playing with electrical things. It felt good to see the light come on without me getting electrocuted. Thanks to for showing me how to save $100 by making my own light. It was about $15 to make the light and another $20 for both light bulbs. Typically, these reflectors are about $100 without the bulbs.

photo 3Here is the light after being mounted to the ceiling.
photo 1Now we need more plants.
photo 2The fish poop and fertilize the plants. I got the idea from other aquaponic companies, but really didn’t want to pay what they were charging for complete setups. Amanda hates all of the wires, so those will be hidden somehow and then I will really be finished… until we work on the next one beside it.

9 thoughts on “Vertical aquaponic wall garden.

  1. There is a pump in the bottom left corner of the fish tank. I used 1/4 inch microtubing to pump it to the top. The plants sit in PVC pipes that I drilled holes in so the water falls down to the aquarium.

  2. That’s really cool! Can I use your bottom photo on Tomorrows Garden and link back to your blog article for the full story? I’ve been posting photos of other builds of the grow light to give people more ideas and yours is excellent.

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  4. Hi nice repurposing of materials. I wonder why you have the light reflector closed down so far? You are paying the electricity for two bulbs but blocking off a large percentage of the light

    • It is a dryer vent from Home Depot. I suppose that I could stretch it open, but the light hits all of my plants as is. Laziness is the answer.

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