Driftless, WI.

OK, so Driftless isn’t a town, so here is a short description of what it actually is. Arriving to the area after a 4 hour drive with little sleep, and traveling across a few time zones always seems like the best way to start a vacation.

There was lots of corn.

We were both very excited to see that access is not a problem in this remote area of Wisconsin.

The only best fly shop in Viroqua was staffed by what you would expect, a young, enthusiastic, eager to help, guy you would want to fish with

Sorted with a map, more flies than we would need for a week, and a new hat, we took off.The first thing that I noticed was the fact that anglers were encouraged to use the farmers land to access the water.The next thing was how fishy everything looked. The fish were right where they should be and they required a near perfect drift over some shallow, clear water, in order to be rewarded.We were able to fool them on homemade CDC elk hair caddis flies as well as store bought beetles, ants, and bead head squirrel.

Fishing the Driftless was fantastic for many reasons. Spring creeks were everywhere. The last picture above shows how close the farm the creek runs. I pulled my biggest fish out of what we called the “”Tractor Hole”. Access is easy, and crowds…don’t exist.


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