Carpocalypse 2012


I love carp fishing. I haven’t had much success since moving to Seattle in landing any of them. Orvis helped sponsor a fun carp fishing tournament called, Carpocalypse. Being an employee, I didn’t actually try wasn’t eligible for any prizes. But who cares about the killer prizes?! It is a part of the state that I haven’t been to, so I was down for an adventure. I packed up the dog and we set off four hours to Banks Lake. We passed through the town of George, Washington. That always makes me giggle.


There is camping at the lake, but we decided to make it a one day trip. The people in the picture below seemed to find a lonely camp site at the end of the road.Mr. Miyawaki wandering the carp flats of Banks Lake.

It was a beautiful place. Really nice if you don’t mind ticks, rattlesnakes, mosquitoes that make you want to eat DEET, and sweat dripping down you constantly. It is also a great place if you want to see how the place used to be, but due to our growing need for electricity, we put the river where we wanted it. Fishing by a large dam for invasive fish is human ingenuity at its best.


Fishless, I headed home after letting Lando check for some fish.

I stopped at a few pull outs along the water to see what we could see. One of the more interesting was the damselfly breeding grounds. 

We also saw a car on fire.

I stopped in Cle Elum on the way home to stand in the cold water and try to stop sweating. Triple digit temperatures are not something that we are used to anymore. Lando is always wearing that black sweater, so I thought that he might appreciate some swift, cool water. I pulled out three fish each a littler larger and more beautiful than the previous one.



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