Back to life.

Back to school, back to work, back to the routine. Classes start a bit later so sleep is a touch easier to keep up with. I didn’t win the mega millions so I am still working what feels like 15 jobs. I got a B in Microbiology and an A in Lifespan Psychology. It is a mixed bag as I will need straight As to get into the nursing program at North Seattle Community College. Can I get into University of Washington? Maybe. They require 100 hours of experience in the medical field before I apply. Currently, I have… 0. But I can wait tables like a boss. It is depressing when someone tells me that I am good at waiting tables. Don’t ever tell a server or bartender that.

I bought a pass to Snoqualmie Forest this year. They limit the number of passes sold and most people seem to collect firewood, hunt or take pictures up there. I hit Black Lake for a few rain soaked hours. No fish in the boat, but I saw a ton of them in the water! I am slowly working on a video of the place.

Tomorrow is Saturday, so I am excited to have the morning free. I am going to the library to study for Anatomy and Physiology. I will try not to dream about fly fishing while I am there.


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