Maupin, Oregon and the Deschutes River.

Driving from Nehalem Bay State Park to Maupin, Oregon was beautiful. We stopped by Deschutes Brewery for lunch as we were headed to the Deschutes River.

Mt. Hood is along the way. As a former snowboarder, this was always on the radar as a way to keep winter going all year long. This time, it was just a few minutes of snow play before we kept moving to get to the thriving metropolis of Maupin. (As of 2000, there were 411 people, 181 households, and 112 families residing in the city.)

Once in Maupin, we stopped by the Deschutes Canyon Fly Shop and found a great place to stay at the River Run Lodge.

The river was a bit high. There were some slow areas. But we didn’t see any fish. Not one. Swinging flies for Steelhead, strike. Throwing March Browns and small dries, strike. Even tossing a dropper under the March Browns, strike three. We were out of there.

I was hoping that they would put the handicap accesible fishing platform in the water so that I could get to the fish, but it wasn’t the season yet.

On the way out of town, we hit up Deschutes Angler where I saw Jay Johnson of Motiv Fishing. Kind of like a celebrity sighting of the fly fishing world.


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