Nehalem, Oregon.

Driving south from Seattle sucks until you cross into Oregon. Crossing the Columbia River, things start to get better. The logging operations are very impressive. We had lots of environment based discussions in Oregon. We never mentioned things like Spotted Owls to anyone that we encountered there. Once we headed west after crossing the Columbia, things got better. The views became more impressive, the trees (the ones that were still there) were beautiful, and the smell of the ocean got stronger. There were lots of signs for the Lewis and Clark trail which turned the conversation to exploration and hardships. I complained when we ran out of chips during the drive. 

We arrived at the Nehalem Bay State Park and set up the tent. It is a huge place. Hookups for over 250 RVs are available with free hot showers, fire pits, and walking access to an amazing beach. Luckily, there was hardly anyone there and the weather was quite nice.

We hit some river the same day that we arrived. Finding bugs was pretty easy. I guess I should have thrown on a bunch of weights, some big stonefly pattern and stuck a big bobber up top to catch myself a steelhead. However, with my morals intact, I did not catch a steelhead. Maybe I should have fished below the hatchery?


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