Birthday trip.

It is “Spring Break”. I feel a little funny calling it that now that I am in my 30’s (31 next week). It is between quarters at my community college so I am taking a break from my 2 jobs, not bringing any school books, and going on a fishing trip. The first stop is Nehalem. Well, maybe Portland if the forecast is correct.

Nothing can ruin fishing in Oregon like a bunch of rain. Not because I will melt, but the rivers increase to levels too high to fish. Trust me, we are used to the rain up here. For some reason I am still stuck on this idea that I can catch a Steelhead swinging a fly. I have heard that this is a lot more feasible in Oregon. Perhaps the cost of a license guarantees success.

From there, I am headed to the capital of Deschutes fishing, Maupin, Oregon. The Deschutes River is featured in every fishing magazine, book, video, and show. I am excited just to spend some time out there. The forecast looks a little warmer in Maupin.

Leaving Maupin, I will head north to the more familiar waters of Yakima. The forecast looks better and the familiar water makes me slightly feel like I know what I am doing.

This trip will be fantastic. Now I am going to look up campgrounds and hope that the dog isn’t too wet to sleep in the tent.

I know it is a good trip when I can see the points of interest on a map of the U.S. I suppose the real dilemma will be what flies should I use?


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