Rattlesnake Lake

I found a new little piece of heaven. Only an hour away from the house there is a lake full of fish. There are dogs off leash (don’t tell anyone). Nobody is there during the week. There was one canoe on the lake, mine. For the first 3 hours, there was a bit of wind, lots of paddling, and no fish. It was getting frustrating. I have been fishing (for trout) all winter and not catching much. I have been fishing for steelhead all winter and not catching anything.

I had actually called it a day and we were paddling in to shore when with reluctant optimism, I stopped paddling. There was a small disturbance on the surface. The wind had died. The temperature had dropped. The fish were rising. First just a couple. Then like a switch they were all over the place. The air was full of big mayflies. Just like in the books, they looked like they were depositing eggs on the surface of the water. Maybe they were emerging from down below. They looked huge. Like a size 8 huge. I tried a dry, but no luck. Then an emerger that I knew would work. It didn’t. I went back to what I called the Boulder Creek special. It is technically something that looks like a caddis pupa. Brown thread, maybe some copper wire for a segmented body, and a bit of hackle behind a bead head. Magic. Got a couple of fish before the rains came.

The snow covered mountains started disappearing behind giant clouds of rain and snow. The first drops started falling as we finished loading the canoe on the car. Great day!



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