How to make shelves.

Step 1: Buy boards from Home Depot. Measuring the space that is open helps. Drawing “blueprints” on a piece of paper really makes you feel like you know what you are doing. You don’t want the people at Home Depot to think that these are the first shelves that you have ever made. They wear vests so they must know what they are doing.

Step 2: Cut a couple of the boards into the shelf dividers. These shelves are 17 inches tall. That seemed to be the maximum height I could get to have room above for hats and below for the alarm system. The shelves are 8 feet long because that is how long the boards were at Home Depot. Be able to have some flexibility in your plans. 9 feet was the original plan, but without a 9 foot board, that quickly changed. Thank God that my phone has a calculator so I could figure out the new plans at Home Depot. Again, I don’t want the vest wearers to know I am an amateur.

Step 3: Attach all the pieces. This seems pretty simple. It wasn’t too tough, but a ruler was crucial. The cubby holes were supposed to be alternating sizes, so it took an extra couple of minutes of squinting at all of the pieces before it made sense. Being able to squint at the materials without strangers around definitely makes you feel smart when it all works out.

Step 4: Make sure that you spend a little extra money for a good stud finder. The first one had me drilling a couple inches left of where the studs actually were. Eventually, the holders, or bases, or whatever they are actually called were installed and level.

Step 5: Make sure that everything is in a straight line. This took a while longer than I thought that it would. Then I realized that the wood from Home Depot (the cheapest possible) was a little warped. It would straighten out as I put weight on it though.

Step 6: Put assembled shelves onto shelf holder. Put stuff into shelves. Screw hooks into bottom of shelves.

So far nothing has come crashing down. I now have a killer drill. I feel more manly using power tools. A shoe rack might be next. Just as soon as I have some free time!


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