Snow day!

Today I woke up early (not feeling well) and saw that there was a few inches of snow on the ground. Knowing that the people in the northwest aren’t used to this, I was happy to learn that classes (at all schools) had been cancelled and work would be closed as well. Sweet! Time to study more and not take that Microbiology lab quiz that will be postponed to a more inconvenient time. Instead, we headed to Carkeek Park to see the snow.

Wandering around the neighborhood was fun as well. One of our awesome neighbors encourages dogs to stop by their house. I think that if Lando ever disappeared, I would find him there waiting for someone to open the container. Kids were sledding down the streets that were steep enough to get some speed.

So that is what happens with a few inches of snow in the northwest. It was a nice unexpected break. Time to drink more Emergen-C and try to get the nose back into the books. I hope that they don’t notice the snot drips when I sell them back at the end of the quarter.


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