New eating habits.

Inspired by Peter’s A Year to Ten Percent lastest blog post and his trainer Kenneth’s video, I am going to try and give this a shot. The idea is to eat no carbs, and no fat, but a lot of protein. This is accompanied by lots of exercise. I ran a few miles today, climbed three 5.9s, and did some core strengthening. I feel very lazy after coming back from Alaska. The weather in Seattle is not making me excited to get out and go running. I need to suck it up, but haven’t quite gotten that far yet.

I eat enough pizza, cereal, and crap that this just might make me start eating real food. Tonight, I had steak grilled with salt and pepper and a salad. Real food. Tomorrow, I am planning on eggs and spinach for breakfast. Apparently, the first few days suck, so I am sorry in advance if I get testy with anyone!


2 thoughts on “New eating habits.

  1. Actually, it’s about limited exercise – only 4 workouts for me during the 12 days. Reasoning being that you have very little glycogen (if any) after day four – you’re burning pure fat. You simply won’t have the energy for hard core exercises. Make sure you follow on the refeeds after the 11 days. I’ll document them, too. Good luck! 🙂

  2. Is it weird to kind of look forward to be burning the fat? I mean I can sacrifice the exercise to drop the weight! I suppose I am still optimistic as it is just beginning.

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