Weather or not.

Yes the title is intentional. I understand the difference in whether and weather. The point is that my everyday activities can be heavily influenced by the weather. The weather can stop boats from fishing. Keep in mind that these boats can be over 100 feet long. Shoot, some can be 300 feet long. It takes some serious weather to slow these guys down. If they aren’t fishing, they aren’t making money. They want to be out there.

Boats that are trawling nets are commonly called “draggers”. They drag a net behind them. There are rumors that they drag them along the bottom occasionally. These draggers will ruin their nets when they wind is whipping at 50 knots (like it currently is). So most of the boats will head to Dutch Harbor and wait out the weather. That means they aren’t fishing. It makes it tough to be a fisheries observer without the fishies.

So there are no boats coming in. That means I have plenty of free time. Well, I have to keep a radio on me so that someone can always contact me. But I can go explore the island. Of course the problem is the weather. The wind has been clocked up to 100 mph here on the island while I have been here. It howls as they say. So the snow is blowing in every direction and I am free to do what I want.

I live in a small box that has a bed, TV, and desk. The TV gets about a dozen channels. They come and go as the weather changes. Sometimes, I get the food network which is more of a tease than a strip club. (See previous post). Mostly, I get 4 different ESPN channels, and HBO. Not being a big sports fan, I find myself watching HBO more than anything.

The weather affects which channels come in on the TV. The weather prevents boats from fishing. The weather dictates if I leave my room or not. I think that Seattle in the winter won’t slow me down when I return to what I have been referring to as “The real world”.

They were filming Deadliest Catch yesterday. It is King Crab season. I wonder how the y will make it seem exciting.


1 thought on “Weather or not.

  1. Nice blog Rory. Interesting stuff – most people would have no idea on what a National Fishery Observer does and how they spend there time between jobs. Appreciate the info & update.

    From Amanda’s Dad

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