Just another week as an observer.

I have seen humpback whales, sperm whales, bald eagles, sea otters, more gulls than I can ever count, and tons of fish.
When I am on land it takes a couple of days to stop wobbling. I feel constantly off balance. Then again, when I am at sea I feel constantly off balance as well!
There are all kinds of people working on these boats. I can’t talk about the crew of any of the vessels I am on, but so far I have gotten along with everyone. They are incredibly hard workers.
Living conditions vary from boat to boat, but this is where most people live for a majority of the year, so they keep it pretty nice.
The weather varies as much as the people and on the few calm days, this place is amazing. There are snow capped peaks and cliffs plunging hundreds of feet into the ocean. On the rough days, it is difficult to sit. Laying down is the easiest, but there is a bit of a worry that I might fall out of my bunk once in a while. On those days I am lucky to be an observer. The crew never stops. Well, we have been lucky enough to not have had weather bad enough to stop the crew from working.
Thanks for reading!


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