First week in Anchorage.

Wow, 5 days can really be a long time! 5 days without laundry. The itchiest 5 days of not shaving. 5 days of only learning how to collect data for managing fisheries. 5 days of barely having enough time to eat meals. These are long hard days. But… it is awesome.

There are a lot of rules about what I can and cannot say. My pictures will also be limited. As anything else in the government, there are acronyms up the wazoo. (The acronyms are typical although there are many that think the government putting things up our wazoo is typical as well).

4 of us are living in a small apartment. We have bunk beds. And sleeping bags. All of this would matter if we weren’t too tired to care every day after class. My job will be to take a sample of whatever is in the net, pot, or on the hooks when the fishermen retrieve them. I collect the data and turn it to someone that double checks my work before it is uploaded to a huge database that should help keep the fishery sustainable.

I need to learn ho to properly do that though. So this 3 week intensive course will get us all up to speed.

The roomiesOur house.

Post office.

Downtown park.

A local hero. Not really.


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