There’s free wifi on the plane!

Arriving at the airport, I met one of the other observers that I will be living with. He is fresh out of college and wants to do something before possibly going to med school. We were talking about Internet access on the boat (I was told that 80% of the boats have Internet). We laughed that we won’t be able to see the news and the world could change while we are out at sea.

We don’t have television on the boat, but google news is a favorite site of mine to browse. I usually skip down to the “technology” and “spotlight” sections as the rest of it is depressing and mostly unrelated to my day to day activities. Now, groupon, and living social, all can influence my every day life.

So I am excited to tune out for a while. To live life unplugged. To count fish and jump rope. (I bought a jump rope to get some cardio workout in on the boat!)

However, class starts at 8am tomorrow!


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