Salmon Bay from a Canoe.

As we leave our marina, there are all kinds of boats that are our neighbors. Sailboats, powerboats, small boats, big boats, you get the point. Topper is always on the rails of the canoe ready to get any ducks, geese, fish of anything else that piques his interest. Lando is a little more nervous as he isn’t quite sure what to make of the moving wet ground. He calms down until we pass under the Ballard Bridge where he is pretty sure that the sky is about come crashing down on him. He tries to get into my lap when he is scared which makes the front of the canoe point towards the sky. This is great for going in circles and not seeing other marine traffic, but not so wonderful when you don’t want to get wet because you brought your phone to take pictures.

We also see lots of tug boats. There are lots of people, but not too many dogs on canoes. Someone told me that I look like an REI ad. I accept that.


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