Dextro Energy ITU World Championship Kitzbühel 2011

Today was the Dextro Energy Triathlon ITU World Championship in Kitzbühel. Alistair Brownlee won and he deserved it. It would be great if Simon Whitfield would have raced against him. Or if the big man, Chris McCormack could have finished the race. I can’t believe that these guys travel to Europe, enter a race, and drop out because they aren’t feeling it. A hero, Rutger Beke will finish his Ironman races no matter what. He believes that it is a disgrace to the sport and disrespectful to the other athletes to just drop out. When I have bad days at work, I too would like to quit and go home. Most of us would. We dream of being pro athletes while we sit behind a desk. We are at the pool at 0’dark thirty to get a work out in before a full day of work begins. We run during a lunch break. These people work out for a living. They race for a paycheck. Then they just drop out?! Do us all a favor and FINISH!

I am hoping that Macca was pretending to want to get into the Olympics just to pump up the hype for his book. Just like Trump was pretending to run for president to get more viewers of his show. Or even the way Crystal Harris pretended to love Hugh Hefner until the music career “took off”.


2 thoughts on “Dextro Energy ITU World Championship Kitzbühel 2011

  1. Hmmmmm, something is missing here. Could it be perspective? Rutger finished cuz it was the end of the season. There’s no point in walking to the line (relative to the athlete) if you aren’t going to get a paycheck or points. That’s professional racing.

    • So why not finish because your fans are watching? Why not teach kids that it is ok to finish even if you are not first? Respect the sport!

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