My experience with U-Haul.

Last week, I made a reservation for Wednesday 9am to install a hitch to tow a U-Hail trailer.

Then I showed up Wednesday for the reservation to be told that they can’t get to our car, but we need to come back the next day. (What does “reservation” mean?) The guy behind the counter grabbed the wiring off the wall and asked me if i thought that it would work with my car. (I am now freaking out inside) I read the label and assumed it would. That is when it hits me that they hadn’t checked to see if they even had the parts for the car AND it was an hour past my “reservation” time. I made another “reservation” for the trailer. Our time was scheduled for 10:00 am Sunday.

The next day our reservation was for 11 am. We showed up at 9:30 am and the said that the car would be ready at 1 pm. They called at 12:45 to let us know that they would be finished at 1:15.

We picked up the car with our hitch installed. Hope was slowly being restored that they could get their act together.

I returned on Sunday to pick up our trailer. There was a sign on the wall guaranteeing the “right equipment, on time, at the right price” or they would give me $50. When I asked about the guarantee, they referred me to 1-800-GO -UHAUL. I reminded myself to call them later.  We went outside to hook the trailer onto our new hitch. The ball was in the trunk and need to be placed into the receiver. It didn’t fit. Whomever “installed” our hitch during our “reservation” never actually put the ball into the receiver. They gave us another one (I was told that we were lucky they had one) that didn’t quite fit and rattled for the 3 day drive to Seattle.

We made it to Seattle.  In fact, I returned the trailer a day early.

I called the 1-800-GO-UHAUL and told them that my reservation was not on time, the wrong parts were installed, and how do I get my $50? They told me to take it up with the manager at the store as it was a purchase issue, not a rental problem.

I arrived to the U-Haul that I had chosen as my dropp of destination in Boulder. The spot I chose is in the town of Ballard where I live. They printed the address on my contract. I arrived to the location and there was a sign that siad to wait in the vehicle and someone would help me. Nobody came. I walked inside and when they two people behind the counter finally realized I wasn’t going to leave, they asked, “Have a question?” I replied by telling them I had a trailer to return. They said that I couldn’t. They told me that they had too many trailers and the fire marshall was already mad at them. I had to take my trailer to another town. I told them that I specifically chose this location, but they refused. I had to drive to another town to return my trailer. I was happy to get rid of it.

I filled out a customer satisfaction survey at the end of my experience and asked them to call me so I could tell them what they could do to make it right. They called me back, asking me to call them, but didn’t leave a number. Then I got this email:

“yes this is darnell the gm for the center. you had a bad time with my center i am sorry for that. how can I make things better for you.”

I shit you not, that is the entire email. I will not respond to this.

Then they sent me a $25.00 coupon for my next rental or purchase…


7 thoughts on “My experience with U-Haul.

  1. They stink… We rented a U-Haul truck to move our daughter and drove less than 20 miles. The fuel gauge read full when we picked it up. When we filled it up to return it I was shocked to find it tok 15 gallons to fill it. When I checked the gauge it went to 1/4 past full.

    Filed an online complaint and mentioned that KS weights and measures should probably be notified.

    They credited the entire fuel charge.


  2. I have emailed their customer service and investor services. I also tweeted this blog post to their @uhaul_cares and @uhaul_company. I will keep you posted as to their response.

  3. Mr. Seiter, My name is Maria Palmisano and I am with U-Haul International. I first want to offer you my apology for the inconvenience you experienced and advise you I have forwarded the information you provided to our Regional Office for the Boulder, CO area for further follow up and response. Please be assured we are concerned and want to ensure our customers are receiving the quality of service they have come to expect and deserve from U-Haul. Please allow them a few days to research the information before they get back with you. They can be reached at 800 332-1190. My email is

  4. The GM of the center where I rented the trailer left me a voicemail. When I called back it went to customer service and they had no idea what I was talking about. I called the cell phone of the assistant GM and left him a voicemail. He has been the most professional so far, but doesn’t know all of the details. Apparently, he only read my online review, not my blog. I am awaiting their call back to me.

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