>Fly fishing in Bali.


I rented a boat for a couple hours and it was quite the experience. I had a blast.

I fished and we surfed near the runway of Denpasar International Airport. The runway juts out into the ocean and it is neat to see the planes taking off and landing so close to all the action in the water.
Here is my “captain”. He looks bored because he can’t understand why I wouldn’t want to jig, bottom fish, or troll today. 

 I made him stay close to shore where I could see the reef. When he realized what I was doing, he took a nap. He probably thought that I was crazy. I doubt he has ever seen fly fishing in his life. He was happy to make a few bucks nap for the afternoon!

Nope, I didn’t catch anything, see any fish, or get any hits.

2 thoughts on “>Fly fishing in Bali.

  1. Just happen to see your blogs upon a google search for fly fishing in Bali. My husband is convinced that there is a great fly fishing there and I honestly never heard of it. We are going to travel there in September after seeing my folks in Java, and he wants to go fish while we are in Bali..did you have any luck while you were there?

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