>Ubud monkey forest adventures.


I don’t know what to say about these pictures or these places. The rice fields are amazing. Seeing everything being planted and harvested by hand looks incredibly tiring. Most things are carried on the head.
The monkey forest was a lot of fun. My dad stepped on a monkey’s tail and it wanted to kill him. The monkey would walk beside him showing his teeth looking ready to pounce until a “park ranger” kinda guy showed up and yelled at the monkey. The monkeys know to respect the rangers.

 This cheeky guy pretended to be my friend until he put his hand in my pocket. He wanted cash like a smart monkey. I grabbed his hand and slapped him. No, I did not spank him. He bit my back and ran away.

 These women were carrying bricks (on their head) to a house that was being built. We found a walk that  intersected a couple of rivers and had stunning views on either side. There are lots of artists cottages, yoga retreats, and ex pat houses.


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