>I am not 30 yet!


With an impending 30th birthday this week, I don’t feel as scared as everyone thinks that I should. I have been playing a lot of soccer, but would like to find a race to sign up for soon. Running, cycling, triathlon, something! I applied to work at the Orvis retail store that is opening across the street from my house and have a second interview coming up. Of course they are opening the store on the week that I will be in Bali. I hope that doesn’t put them off. The weather is pretty crazy here with 60 mph winds blowing snow from the mountains. There is a fire not too far away. The tsunami wiped out Japan and cause some damage to Kona the day after we left. The volcanoes were erupting more than ever while we were there, but hey I scored a goal in indoor soccer tonight so that is cool. And our dogs are awesome, so that helps.

Speaking of tsunamis and impending doom, I am quite glad that I live my life as much as I can. Imagine all those people waiting for retirement to start living their life. BAM, an earthquake hits and you die. Money is only something you need if you don’t die today. Why measure “success” whatever that is?  Why not measure “satisfaction”?


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