>Day 2 of Kona.


Between fishing spots.
Another great day in paradise. I think that I am getting better at my distance casts. I had better be with my 1,000 of casts today. My hands are blistered and I am sunburned. It was a great day of fishing. The only thing that I caught was a Clearfin Lizardfish. It wasn’t an epic battle, but it was cool to see an aggressive saltwater fish hit a fly about half its size.

Honokohau without hanapa’a.
This was the last spot of the day. We started at Mahai’ula where the wind was howling, but as we arrived to the beach, there was a guy fly fishing! He was hucking deceivers with a 10wt. I was amazed. I had to go back to the car to get my rod as I wasn’t thinking of fishing in this wind! We walked up and down the beach looking at what looked like good spots, but didn’t hook up with anything. 
After a quick lunch we headed to Honokohau harbor. Fishing the south side was pretty, but useless. so we switched to the north side of the harbor where we met… another fly fisherman! Two other fly anglers in one day! All this in a spot that isn’t supposed to have any fly fishing. Either fly fishing is becoming way too popular or people think that its easy to catch fish here.
The north side of the harbor looked better, but again produced nothing. Looks like the wind will die down tomorrow. If this sunburn goes away soon, I will be back out there tomorrow. either way, we will be in paradise!

2 thoughts on “>Day 2 of Kona.

  1. >I'm totally jealous man! Glad you are back home to see your family. We got in a run yesterday with the temps in the 50's and it was like summer! Headed into the 30's tonight with lots of rain. Sure would be nice to be back out there in paradise!

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