>First day in Kona.

>After a crazy long day of traveling (which could be and will be worse on the way back) we arrived last night. Tossing and turning, missing my dogs, I finally got up this morning excited to be home. A lazy morning ensued with a new smoothie recipe courtesy of pops. Then we hit up a super secret area to get proper footwear for the week. The first fishing spot is the old airport. As usual, it was filled with hooligans and people that I try not to associate with. The two kinds of people that were ok there was the van full of people that had been dragged to their mandatory 12 step program and the tourists that had no idea that their valuable were being watched like an eagle watching a rodent thinking about leaving it’s hole.

I tied on a clouser, watched my step for the constant threat of wana, and carefully picked my way out into the surf. I tried to cast downwind as much as possible. I only clipped myself with a fly once and luckily the hook didn’t find it’s way into the wrong animal.

At least the weather is nice!

I saw lots of fish getting out of my way, but that was the closest I came to catching anything. After a much missed plate lunch, we grabbed some stand up paddleboards and wore ourselves out in Kailua Bay. I had considered bringing a rod, but with a little surf and some wind, I was happy just to stay dry. A rod would have been a waste.


Tomorrow is another chance for some fishing!


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