>Freshwater dilemma.

>I have booked a ticket to Bali for a two week trip with my Dad. We will be there for the last two weeks in April. One week will be in Ubud, in the mountains, and another in Seminyak near the beach. Of course I will be bring fly rods. But I can’t find any research on what to bring. I had a great chat with Trapper from Fly Fish America who told me just to enjoy and not to over think things! Sounds like great advice. That being said, I can’t help but scour the Google Maps looking at the water. In the mountains there is lots of water. But I can’t tell what kind of rivers these are. Are they large? Small? Dammed? Are they only use to irrigate rice paddies? Here is the same pictures using the map view (showing the rivers) and again using the satellite view (showing the trees along the rivers.)

Lots of trees covering the water.
What do these rivers hold?
Lots of water!

So I will bring a 5 weight rod for the fresh water and hope that there are some fish (trout?) lurking around. I will also bring a 9 weight rod for the saltwater, but that is a story for another day. What flies shall i tie for the next four months?!

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